16 March, 2011

Sad Day ;(

today was sad day~ (((

bc the reason is secret lol

we have new French boy in my class,

i asked him to buy a bottle of coke today.

when i asked him the price of it,

he told me that i dnt need to pay !

he is nice <3 lol

he's 14 years.

ah, im 16.

but im going to leave this class,

and im going to higher level ;(

we have international week,

maybe... 2 weeks later ?

we (Yu, Nao, and me) talked about it tonight.

this is Nao~

we dnt know what r we gonna do yet,

but we r gonna make maney for Jpn =)

Me wiz Nao's glasses lol

\ gd night /

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