22 March, 2011

New Classes...

I had new classes today!

A : Art

Same as before~

I love this class <3

B : Math

 The level is same, but teacher changed ;(

And I didnt like it ...

But I hope, I will like it =)

C : Science

I liked this class~

There are only 4 people

And its easy

D : Grammar

I liked this class, too

But not as gd as Science

 E : i dnt know

I thought it is speaking class,

But my English is not as gd as to be this class

F : History

I didnt like this class at all!

Most of them are chinese and they always speaks chinese !

They dnt listen to teacher...

G : Study Hall

I can go to the class room that I was in before in this period~

Also, I didnt have study hall before

So I love it <3

Today, I had headache ;(

But now its fine

bc I took medicine !


I forgot to upload lol

So its yesterday's blog ;(

Bye =)

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