19 March, 2011

Dress Down Day =)

Today was dress down day~

I love it <3

I think i wear like "Lady" lol

Today is  my last these classes ;(

But Im looking forward to go higher class =)

Im really happy that I have study hall !

But Im nervouse ;(


I went to a Mall,

but there isnt gd lol

At first,

we went to just walk

Then I found GUESS there!

I wanted buy ring that I found before...

before, I couldnt buy it bc I didnt have so much money lol


There wasnt my favorite ring ;(

however, I like GUESS <3

I wanna buy something there~

Then we went to watch movie

We watched RANGO

It was gd movie~

I can understand animation movies lol

I couldnt finish writing last night (((

I was too tired ...

My one of best friend gave me,

Ukranian chocolate =)

I love it !!!


bye ;)

1 comment:

  1. HI ..... Julie .... thank u .........<3

    u are very cute

    and nice outfit ..!!!! ^w^/