31 March, 2011


I didnt blog really looooong time!

We have International week, now

And we did something on last monday

So I made a lot of Origami!

More than 100 of!

So I slept at 5:30 am in the morning...

on Sunday (actually, it was Monday)

Then, Im not strong,

so I had to sleep a lot !

So I went to sleep as soon as I can...

Thats why I didnt blog~

Im gonna blog normally again from today <3

I took a lot of pics on Saturday...

wiz professional camera!

But I didnt like the pics so much...

Maybe Im gonna show u someday ;)

Monday, we collect money for Jpn

we collect $127 !!!!!

I think it was good job lol

Bc of collecting money,

I skipped class ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ゙

I was reallyyyyyyyyy tired lol


Im gonna show u only one pic

Bye <3

26 March, 2011

Shopping ...

Yesterday, I went to shopping!

My friend bought MacBook Pro <3

I bought...

Shoes (pacson)

and a skirt (forever 21) =)

I love this shows sooooo much !

and it was $13 !

Inside of my bag ...







and camera

BYE ;)

24 March, 2011

Introduce Myself ;)

I'm 16, Japanese

I'm living in America (FL) for study

I'm gonna finish high school here

In Japan,  my house is near Tokyo

I like Russian sooo much

but I like only language...

so I don't know about Russian culture

Russian language sounds good ;)

oh, I love Disneyland and Disney Sea!

Also, I like art, pics =)

I love Japanese funky style...

Maybe some know Harajuku

There's my favorite place

My favorite Jpnz characters are...


Some people know,


is like youtube...

I like Vocaloid !

sorry, Im lazy to explain...

Im gonna write about this someday !

I like playing game which is called Oideyo Doubutsu no Mori

It means... Come on, Animals' Forest

My favorite Japanese singer group is SuG !

They're awesome <3

It's Jpnz rock

and I like TAKERU the bast <3

My favorite SuG songs...

無条件幸福論(Mujouken Kouhukuron)

↑this is the best !




LOVE SCREAM PARTY (ice cream party)

I'm reading KERA is jpnz funky fashion magazine

I love mom <3

Also, I read GAL (gyaru) magazine, too

But not as much as KERA

My favorite Jpnz store...


Hell Cat Punks


That's it !

Maybe Im gonna write more in the future ;)

BYE :)


I am really tiredddddddd!

I miss my mom...

I wanna go back to jpn...

I dnt wanna do anything !

We had stupid thing today...

It was like... class about sex

and its dorm's project,

so I had to spend MY TIME !!!

That's stupid, right?

I wanted study...

Also, we have to go there every wednesday...

omg...it's killing me...


I broke my phone...

like 1 or 2 months ago

I got new one todayyyyyy!

but it is the most ugly phone ever!

I dnt wanna use it ... lol

Tmr, photo club...

I hope it will be fun... ;)

My best friend, YU gave me a candy today <3

...something is wrong wiz my laptop...

I cant find pics of today -_-

I'm gonna post them tmr !

gd night~ ;)

23 March, 2011


C period, I have science.

When I went to the class room.

there was a baby snake!

It was scary, but CUTE <3

We went to outside to get her(his) food

I got a frog !

It was gross...

We walked place like this...

Its near school !

I cant believe it...

If we were in Japan,

We have to drive for 2 hours lol

Now, I have computer application for E period!

There is my gd friend,

so I like that class ;)

Today's photo club wasnt so gd ... lol

Teacher told us to take pics of each alphabet -_-

It was stupid

like... A apple, B bus

something like that lol





It is sooooooo stupid!

...I have gained weight ;(


I'll try to finish writing in the night!

bye ;)

22 March, 2011

New Classes...

I had new classes today!

A : Art

Same as before~

I love this class <3

B : Math

 The level is same, but teacher changed ;(

And I didnt like it ...

But I hope, I will like it =)

C : Science

I liked this class~

There are only 4 people

And its easy

D : Grammar

I liked this class, too

But not as gd as Science

 E : i dnt know

I thought it is speaking class,

But my English is not as gd as to be this class

F : History

I didnt like this class at all!

Most of them are chinese and they always speaks chinese !

They dnt listen to teacher...

G : Study Hall

I can go to the class room that I was in before in this period~

Also, I didnt have study hall before

So I love it <3

Today, I had headache ;(

But now its fine

bc I took medicine !


I forgot to upload lol

So its yesterday's blog ;(

Bye =)

20 March, 2011

Easy Hair Style =)

1. Tie your hair at rly high place

2. Then back that hair to make like a ball

3. That's it~

I always do it at dorm

Comfortable and cute =)

I think we should do it with some thing like mine

Jpnz girls call the Shushu

Is it called scrunchy ?

I dnt know,

but translator said so...

Today, I did nothing

I woke up at 11

and talked to my jpnz friend...

For 3 hours

Then play wiz my friend,

But it was just staying in my room

wiz laptops


My mom called me and she said...

I can have my ears pierced !

So maybe Im gonna do it next weekend <3


Im confused...so much

Who should I have...

I shouldnt write it here.

And I shouldnt ask anyone

Its hard for meee...

I dnt like it ... I hate it !

Help me someone~ plzzz...

...gd night ;(

19 March, 2011

Dress Down Day =)

Today was dress down day~

I love it <3

I think i wear like "Lady" lol

Today is  my last these classes ;(

But Im looking forward to go higher class =)

Im really happy that I have study hall !

But Im nervouse ;(


I went to a Mall,

but there isnt gd lol

At first,

we went to just walk

Then I found GUESS there!

I wanted buy ring that I found before...

before, I couldnt buy it bc I didnt have so much money lol


There wasnt my favorite ring ;(

however, I like GUESS <3

I wanna buy something there~

Then we went to watch movie

We watched RANGO

It was gd movie~

I can understand animation movies lol

I couldnt finish writing last night (((

I was too tired ...

My one of best friend gave me,

Ukranian chocolate =)

I love it !!!


bye ;)

17 March, 2011

my claases ;(

Hi =)


Im going to higher class from next week!

I dnt wanna leave this class,

but higher class is gd, maybe

I hope I can enjoy new classes ;)


I tryed to talked to my mom,

but I couldnt...

bc of internet !!!

its soooo stupid, right?

but I chat wiz her <3

I miss her sooo much ;(

Im looking forward to International Week

Jpn will be the BEST!



gd night ;)

16 March, 2011

Sad Day ;(

today was sad day~ (((

bc the reason is secret lol

we have new French boy in my class,

i asked him to buy a bottle of coke today.

when i asked him the price of it,

he told me that i dnt need to pay !

he is nice <3 lol

he's 14 years.

ah, im 16.

but im going to leave this class,

and im going to higher level ;(

we have international week,

maybe... 2 weeks later ?

we (Yu, Nao, and me) talked about it tonight.

this is Nao~

we dnt know what r we gonna do yet,

but we r gonna make maney for Jpn =)

Me wiz Nao's glasses lol

\ gd night /

15 March, 2011

New Club ;)

I had heavy headache today~ (((

so I slept one hour and half and skipped Grammar class <3

I went to new club today...

we have to join club every Tuesday and Thursday

I like to take pics,

but im not gd at taking pics~ (((

Im trying to be better on pics,

when i dnt wear color contacs... lol

but i cant~ ;(

ok, gd night =)