14 March, 2011

Asian Food =)

I went to Starbucks, CVS and Asian Market by walk today !!!

i bought SAPPORO ICHIBAN is jpnz noodle.

its really delicious~ =)

after that, i tryed new make-up,

but i didnt like it lol

my laptop (MacBook Pro) is new,

so i like taking pics on laptop <3

and i changed my nails' color to blue~



sorry, i was lazy to change direction... ↑

playing wiz webcam <3

i took more pics,

but im not gonna show u ;)

aaaah !

tmr is school !

im lazy to goooo...

but i like my classes <3

just lazy to wake up early~

im gonna introduce myself when i have enough time~

gd night ;)!

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