20 March, 2011

Easy Hair Style =)

1. Tie your hair at rly high place

2. Then back that hair to make like a ball

3. That's it~

I always do it at dorm

Comfortable and cute =)

I think we should do it with some thing like mine

Jpnz girls call the Shushu

Is it called scrunchy ?

I dnt know,

but translator said so...

Today, I did nothing

I woke up at 11

and talked to my jpnz friend...

For 3 hours

Then play wiz my friend,

But it was just staying in my room

wiz laptops


My mom called me and she said...

I can have my ears pierced !

So maybe Im gonna do it next weekend <3


Im confused...so much

Who should I have...

I shouldnt write it here.

And I shouldnt ask anyone

Its hard for meee...

I dnt like it ... I hate it !

Help me someone~ plzzz...

...gd night ;(

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