09 May, 2011

I bought a new hair curler yesterday <3

But I didn't like it so much,

because it was too fine....

I think it's better to use thick one for me, or Asian ;)

Bye =)

29 April, 2011

My Pics ~ !!!

My friend took all of them ...

She is awesomeeeee !!!

I wanna do it again~ <3

27 April, 2011

Universal Studio !

I went to Universal Studio yesterday!

I woke up at 5 30 am...

then i took the bus at 6 wiz my Duffy, Ivana <3

I arrived at Universal Studio at 11 !

I went to another school to pick the student up =)

I could chose ... or ...

And I choose Adventure <3

Which I went wiz my mom and bro before...

at first, I went to play Hulk's coaster

We saw my friends there,

and we were on the line together ;)

I wanted buy Betty Boop's goods,

But I couldn't fine cute one (((

But there was cuuuuute <3

Then we went to Harry Potter !!!

And we played dragon's coaster twice !

I loved it ~ <3

Then we drank Butter Beer

But it's not real alcohol lol

I liked it~ =p

Then we went to Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

It was fun!

But the ride stopped when we rode...!

It was scary (((

Then~ Dragon Challenge!!

we went back to Hulk and played it


I went to buy souvenir <3

I'm gonna post them later~

We left Universal Studio at 6 pm ((

But it was the first time that I'm satisfied for only 6 hours!

It was so much fun <333

After we left Universal Studio,

we went to have dinner,

but it wasn't gd at all -_-

But there was perfume store next to the restaurant,

and I love perfumes

....I'm gonna talk about perfumes someday~

I don't wanna make this any longer =(

bc it's gonna be boring.





Bye bye ;)

26 April, 2011

Last Fridays's Shopping ♡

I went to shopping last friday <3

I bought a looooot !!!


2 necklaces (both $1.5)

 Bracelat ...maybe $3.5

 Rings (both $1.5)

camisoles (both $2.5)

Pants $9.

Cute jacket $15

Cute Knit $15

M.A.C lip stick $15.5

This is..."MATTE  PEACH ME"

I want different color next~ <333

I bought too many....

and they aren't so gd (((

I like them,

but I don't need them !!!

aaaah I was stupid~

...I'm always stupid lol


I'm gonna post about Universal Studio =)

Hopefully tomorrow....

Bye Bye =)

23 April, 2011


Im going to Universal Studio Orlando !!!!

I'm rly excited <3

I'm gonna take a lot of pics ;)

Gd night!

21 April, 2011

Im sorrryyyyyyy...

i didnt blog at all !

really a long time...

I got F in Computer Application

bc I didnt go to school...

Also, Im not that gd student lol

But now, I got C ♪

Better than before,

so Im gonna blog again~!!!

Last Friday,

I took pics again,

but it's much better than before!!!

I'm gonna post them later~ ;)

bye bye !

09 April, 2011

I was sick...

I was sick for 3 days!

Sore throat...


and a lot !!!

Im still a little sick...

But I came to school,

bc it's Friday <3

Also, I feel much better than before ;)

I'm going to Boomers todayyyy

Bye bye =)

07 April, 2011

I Got Pieced !

Yesterday, I got pierced !

It hurt a little,

But not as much as I thought ;)

I chose Hello Kitty for my first pieces <3

It's cute, right?

Now. it's my favorite ~ !!!


I went to Star Bucks <3

Green Tea Latte ;)

At night,

I went to watch a movie, HOP

After the movie,

We ate delicious Sushi~ <333

It was awesome !

Fun Saturday night<3

jpnz clothes

Today, we could wear each country's clothes.

So I wore Jinbei (maybe)

I wanted wear wiz a bulky skirt

But my jpnz friend told me that

if I wear that,

They're not gonna talk to me

So I didnt wear it ;(

But its fine~ <3

also, we made 100 cranes of origami !

It was hard...

This is March 30th.

31 March, 2011


I didnt blog really looooong time!

We have International week, now

And we did something on last monday

So I made a lot of Origami!

More than 100 of!

So I slept at 5:30 am in the morning...

on Sunday (actually, it was Monday)

Then, Im not strong,

so I had to sleep a lot !

So I went to sleep as soon as I can...

Thats why I didnt blog~

Im gonna blog normally again from today <3

I took a lot of pics on Saturday...

wiz professional camera!

But I didnt like the pics so much...

Maybe Im gonna show u someday ;)

Monday, we collect money for Jpn

we collect $127 !!!!!

I think it was good job lol

Bc of collecting money,

I skipped class ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ゙

I was reallyyyyyyyyy tired lol


Im gonna show u only one pic

Bye <3

26 March, 2011

Shopping ...

Yesterday, I went to shopping!

My friend bought MacBook Pro <3

I bought...

Shoes (pacson)

and a skirt (forever 21) =)

I love this shows sooooo much !

and it was $13 !

Inside of my bag ...







and camera

BYE ;)