23 March, 2011


C period, I have science.

When I went to the class room.

there was a baby snake!

It was scary, but CUTE <3

We went to outside to get her(his) food

I got a frog !

It was gross...

We walked place like this...

Its near school !

I cant believe it...

If we were in Japan,

We have to drive for 2 hours lol

Now, I have computer application for E period!

There is my gd friend,

so I like that class ;)

Today's photo club wasnt so gd ... lol

Teacher told us to take pics of each alphabet -_-

It was stupid

like... A apple, B bus

something like that lol





It is sooooooo stupid!

...I have gained weight ;(


I'll try to finish writing in the night!

bye ;)

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